Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Atheist Pet Peeve (and upcoming reviews, too)

First off, I would like to state a simple pet peeve of mine that I just recently noticed I had. I don't mean to offend anyone by this, as I'm fairly tolerant of others' beliefs as long as they're not forced unto me, but this is just something I've realized. You may have heard this before, or you may be someone that does it...
When someone is telling a story or whatever, they start it by saying "As a christian, I ... (insert kind act or nice thing here)."
What does that even mean?! I find it annoying that you have to state your religious beliefs before talking about something nice or wonderful that you did, as if someone that *isn't* a christian wouldn't perform the same act of kindness. Are you insinuating that anyone who isn't christian don't have any good morals or willingness to be just a good person? Or are you saying that you did such a nice thing simply *because* (or to prove) you're a christian?
I wonder what kind of reaction I could produce if I went around saying "As an atheist, I saved this kitten from a tree," or "As an atheist, I mowed my neighbors lawn for free." Think about it.

On a lighter note, I intend on doing a few amateur video game reviews again. I've hated the Halo series (for various reasons) and thus have not played a Halo game since the first 2 games. This means I haven't touched Halo 3, ODST, or Wars. However, something in my brain wants to give Halo Reach a chance since it's the last (and supposedly "best") Halo game created by Bungie. Everyone (and not just the fanboys) claim that Bungie went out with a bang, and I plan on renting it, playing it, and giving it my honest opinion, attempting to put any previous bias aside. If you know me personally, please put your brain back in your skull - yes, I'll be playing Halo Reach.
Second, before Two Worlds 2 (I know, it's weird and redundant) releases, I want to give my 2-cents on the original Two Worlds. It's way late to do a normal review of a game that's been out for so long, so I wanted to do this in kind of a "Here's why I liked a game that most people hated" kind of way. When the second iteration comes out, I'll get around to comparisons and improvements. In the meantime, give this video a watch. Unskippables from the Escapist usually does a pretty good job at cracking jokes on shitty cutscenes from games.

Hooray productivity


  1. you would never save a kitten from a tree, quentin.

  2. You're right, but still... case in point, people that aren't religious *DO* have morals, and it's fucking stupid for anyone religious to make such a statement just to claim that they're doing so in the name of religion.