Friday, November 11, 2011

And you wonder why...

I'm writing this while waiting for my copy of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to install to my Xbox. I went to the midnight release at Gamestop and waited quietly in line, as most should. Others didn't do that. Tonight I witnessed more reasons why people look down on, and sometimes even shun, gamers. These are the people that make playing video games a frowned upon hobby by non-gaming society - those that spoil it for everyone and make me ashamed to share a hobby or even be a member of the same species as them.

Let's start with the yelling. It's understandable - you're excited about the game. But screaming profanities every 2 seconds at everyone that's in front of you at line isn't cool. Calm the hell down.

Next, lets start with the complete disregard for everyone else around you and just being overall annoying. Why, oh tool in the back of the line, must you set off your car alarm intentionally, pissing everyone around you off? What the hell does that accomplish?

Now onto what really bothered me for some reason... the absolute trashing of the entire area. Beer bottles smashed in the parking lot. Fast food bags laying about. Free promotional material that Gamestop employees gave you thrown on the ground. One group of kids was throwing Gatorade bottles (still full) onto the awning.

And you wonder why people look down on gamers...
I realize this could happen at any party, but this isn't helping anyone. It's a game release. You're there to buy a game and that's it.

To steal one of my favorite lines from Metalocalypse... "Don't be a dick - be a dude"

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