Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Spike VGAs & Bioware Fanboyism

The video game awards are this Saturday, and while I've never really watched them (because I don't have Spike TV), I'll be paying attention to this current one.

Why? One word... Bioware.

They've been putting out some quality games that I've thoroughly enjoyed lately. Dragon Age and Mass Effect are now personal favorites in my game library. Bioware has been dropping hints about a big announcement they're making at the VGAs. A lot of people think it's gonna be Mass Effect 3, but there's no confirmation of any of the clues. Here's what they are:

- The coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth at the Vostok Station in Antarctica
- The atomic mass of iron
- British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)
- "The Singles" album from The Clash
- A picture of a fish (red herring)

There's also this picture.. which doesn't look like anyone from Mass Effect that I can think of.

What does it all mean?!?! Vostok is a system in the Mass Effect universe, but what does the rest of it have to do with anything Bioware could be making? I don't want to wait til Saturday


  1. IGN posted an article about the similarities in that picture and the ME universe, but I don't think it's an ME game, mainly because of the red herring hint. Although I don't know whether to think it means this was all a big trolling attempt by Bioware or if they are pointing out that there will be a plot twist in the game.

  2. Hmmm... I'm always wary about trusting IGN lately, too

  3. Well if you look at the incisor sniper rifle from ME2 and compare it to the rifle in the picture its pretty hard to deny the possibility. Still, the red herring is throwing me off.

  4. Well sir It's Mass Effect 3, so those fanboys were right.