Sunday, December 12, 2010

VGA 2010 Thoughts (and ME3)

Let's get right down to it...
All the clues and little teases that Bioware was dropping for us were all for Mass Effect 3. Now don't get me wrong - I'm extremely excited about this, but I'm a little disappointed because everyone already knew ME3 was coming. Why tease with little clues about London, and the atomic mass of iron and all that shit? It was building up for potentially something different, but lo-and-behold, it was really just what everyone wanted.  That said, the official teaser trailer was awesome and got me amped to hop back into the role of Shepard. In the trailer, the Reapers have decimated (I always liked that word) London, and once again, Shepard has to step up. Look for yourself:

SO, now that you've cleaned yourself up after watching that trailer, there are another few key things to note about the 2010 VGAs. I'm kind of disappointed there wasn't an official Spike webstream of the event, as there was the past few years, so any live stream got shut down within minutes. :(

I cannot tell you how excited I am that Bethesda is working on Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Hopefully they use a different game engine though, because the one they've been working on is getting kind of dated. It's good for environment, but not so good for character models. A lot of their games look similar, so I'm hoping they break that mold with Skyrim. And hey, if they don't, it's still gonna be ES5. Awesome! I can't wait til next holiday.  (UPDATE: Skyrim will in-fact be using a new game engine, confirmed by Bethesda)

I'm so thrilled that for once, Halo didn't win all the damn awards. Maybe people have realized that it's not the godsend of an amazing game that everyone thinks it is. Or maybe the fact that it only won "Best Multiplayer" says something. I'm happy that Bioware won "Studio of the Year", Limbo won "Best Indie", ME2 won "Best RPG", and most of all... I'm happy that Red Dead Redemption won "Game of the Year". It deserved it for its amazing story, characters, and just damn good environments and gameplay. If you want to see who all won what awards, go HERE.

/* I'm going to go stash money for next year's game releases... I'll need it */

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